Monday, August 22, 2016

A day well spent at Ibrahim Sahib Street, Bangalore (Commercial street )

"If you are new to Bangalore and want to explore the city, start with commercial street,"my friend suggested.
But I was a bit taken aback when I saw the street lined up with branded shops and restaurants - there was nothing to feel the pulse of the place. But the feeling was short lived when I took a left turn and reached the " Ibrahim Sahib Street"

Though I asked many " How it got the name?" no one seemed to know.

Here, nothing could mar the sheer joy of real experience. My decision to go in the afternoon proved right as the street has just started waking up and I really got my space to explore the street. It had everything.

On my way, I met them and they were happy to pose for the camera.

If you love junk jewellery and want to try different attires for a low price, Ibrahim Sahib street is the right place for you.

Street food is yet another attraction. But if you think you could different types, then it’s a ‘No’. The usual chat, corn etc are enough to water your mouth.

Though he seemed a bit grave, he was all ready to pose for me.

And then I wandered for a while....

Then came across this church....

The adjacent Jewel street was a bit deserted when compared to Ibrahim Sahib street. But it still caught my attention.

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  1. All the color is magnificent. However, I especially like seeing the people at work; establishing their places in the world. They seem proud and they should be.

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