Tuesday, March 22, 2016

About Me

I am a budding travel writer. I love blogging and always blogged about books, personal stuff etc.
But travel writing hardly ever crossed my mind. I always thought that I would never enjoy it. Suddenly, I began to think  " How could I enjoy something which I never did?"

Life can always offer you surprises and maybe, this is one big surprise life has to offer me.
You might not believe if I say that " One fine morning, I just began to like travelling." But it is true.

I was always ambitious and career oriented... dreamt of climbing up the ladder. Ask
me now, what I want to do? Travel, Travel and Travel.

Since, I have not even seen my own state Kerala, I have decided to dedicate major part of my blog to " God's Own Country".

 As I am currently staying in Bangalore, I cannot not take this blog ahead without talking about this place. Besides, I am a foodie. There will be an honest
attempts from my part to write about the yummy Kerala food. In course of time, I would like to travel across the length and breadth of the country, solo.

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